My work as a visual artist intersects with my work as a writer. I am interested in the potential of elements that repeat and vary like measures in a poem. In lines, pattern, and approximation of pattern, in textures and text.

In my intaglio and relief prints, it is the marks created by the presence of ink or, frequently, by its absence that repeat and accumulate. I often work by layering images with multiple plates or re-printing the same plate, with variation on orientation, exploring through process how shapes shift into new forms. Metamorphosis is a recurring theme in my work, as is creation through fragmentation. These themes come together in my work with paper. I both incise paper and use paper, salvaged from my prints, as tesserae for mosaic collage. Rather than initiate design in these latter works, I let the tesserae--their shape and size--and the various colors and patterns of the papers themselves--guide arrangement and emergent form.